2:00a.m. Forever

The shadow of your arm 
Gray on a white wall 
From one valiant and small reading lamp 
Follows a graceful sleepless arc 
Like the moon around the Earth 

It’s two in the morning 
And you are writing still 
As another shadowed arm 
Tracks an arc-shaped course along the crease
Where the wall meets the ceiling, 

It hits me 
that this is how I will remember you
When the summer is up and you are gone 

It’s still and cool outside and I wish the sky would grow pink 
Slowly so I could release the breath that I’ve been holding.

I believe I will see you again 
But not anytime soon 
This is how I will remember you,
Your face lit by one small and valiant reading lamp,
When it comes time to recognize each other

As ghosts in annotations 
On pages of borrowed books 
As flickers in the faces
Of strangers in crowded places 
As faded memories leave pleasant traces.

By Allison Blythe

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