Rejection in the Writing World: Don’t be ashamed of it, Embrace it

Before you decide to quit writing because you got rejected, remind yourself why you write. Remind yourself why writing is your passion. Rejection should not be a motivation to quit; look at it as a motivation to improve as a writer, to create new opportunities for yourself. What is it that makes writers hesitate to publish their work? Well, there are a lot of reasons. One reason may be because they are afraid of not being good enough, thinking that their writing is not the best. Let’s say that you pour your feelings into what you write only to get negative reviews in the end. This makes you feel disappointed and leads you to believing writing is not meant for you.Try not to think this way. Remember that there will be moments in which you won’t succeed at something but that does not mean you need to stop. The reality is that you need to accept rejection when it comes to your writings. If you get rejected by a publishing company, do not start to talk negatively to yourself. Instead remember that being rejected does not mean that it is not worth being a writer. Rejection should not be associated with worth. You do not just write in the beginning and magically become a best-selling novelist the next day. To be passionate about writing means you’re 100% dedicated to growing over time as a writer. 

American poet Sylvia Plath once said: “I love my rejection slips. They show me I try.” When your writing gets denied, it is important that you do not let it make you question yourself if you are meant to be a writer. Rejection should only make you realize what you are weak in when it comes to writing and how you can improve. You need to get back into writing by relying on different methods that allow you to concentrate, such as reading more, writing about something you are passionate about, or being in an environment that helps you become energized. Avoiding rejection is not possible; as a writer, being rejected is inevitable. Do not let the negative comments take power over you. Just because someone says to you that your book will not sell because it is science fiction or because it is a fairytale, it does not mean you should start writing about something that pleases people. You need to write for yourself, and through enthusiasm, you will be able to achieve your writing goals. 


Author: 30 North

30 North is a national undergraduate literary journal. We accept submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, as well as photos, digital art, drawings, and paintings. We also publish a variety of web content including interviews with authors and poets and reviews of contemporary literary works.

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