Get to Know James

By Yvette Beltran

How does one get to know someone that they do not necessarily know? Well one can conduct an interview, kidnap them, or ask thru text. Well, even though the second one is very intriguing to do I decided to do a mix of the first and three options to get to know a little bit more about James. He also responds to the names of Jim, Jesse, and other varies names. James is a third year writing major that is on two sports of cross country and track and field. As you guys can tell he likes to run. Also, he is from the city of Chicago not like some of you “posers” out there *cough cough* saying you are from Chicago when you are from the suburbs. Anyways, James main job that he does for our magazine 30N he is the head coordinator for all our social media platforms. His focus is to ensure that our Instagram page is always updated with the latest things such showing off the lovely individuals we have on staff, updates on the journal and other things that we are crafting here at 30N.  

When asked what individuals have sparked his vision on social media post. James mentioned, one of his key inspirations to become the social media coordinator is his lovely girlfriend that is the president of the NOW (National Organization for Women) club on campus. He saw how she used her creative side to make posts about her organization, and it sparked his interest that he could do something similar for 30N. One can truly see the work that being put into the social media posts for 30N. James said he “truly enjoys crafting posts that show off the amazing staff of 30N and the amazing things we are crafting for the community of North Central College to see.” For him, this was something new crafting social media posts and showing it off to the world and surely it can be a very scary process, but so far if you check out our Instagram @30n_ncc you see the amazing posts James has crafted so far. A tip that James wants to mention to anyone that is trying out something new for the first time “everything is going to be okay and to take things one step at a time and always ask for feedback.” Well, that is a wrap on getting to know a bit about James who is cooking up a mean breakfast skillet right now. 

  • 30 N Staff

Author: 30 North

30 North is a national undergraduate literary journal. We accept submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, as well as photos, digital art, drawings, and paintings. We also publish a variety of web content including interviews with authors and poets and reviews of contemporary literary works.

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