Another Night in the Motel on the Corner of Alessandro Boulevard

 the glowing neon screams
 a red vacancy into the night
 as passing cars cheat 
 me of another night's 
 rest and headlights blind 
 me through boarded 
 windows. termites and bed bugs 
 dance along the walls as i lie 
 alone, watching the wallpaper 
 as it flays and falls 
 onto the floor. the roaring 
 hum of a single fly
 adds to all the noise, 
 and static in a muted 
 box keeps me  
 listening. this head forever 
 throbbing, this heart forever 
 void, these arms forever 
 empty, and this bed forever 
 lonely keep me forever 
 company in this room 
 next to screaming neon
 that reminds me
 there is a vacancy –
 there is always a vacancy 

By Ryan Bausch

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