bearing fruit

Bury your seeds deep
after you breath out some
brief sigh of relief. 

Don’t do anything 
but give the salted streams, 
unbidden, given. 

Turn this small patch of land over
and over again
and bury another seed.

And just in case the dirt crawls to you,
find another patch of land to bury things in
until your hands, too,
are empty. 

And then 
you might as well start burying everything 
Give your tears to the land, 
(you’ll shed them anyway)
give up your hope, finally, 
bury that beam deep beneath the spiky things 
(they’re spilling from your tongue)
give the soil every dream you’ve ever had
(they lacked substance anyway)
and perfect your self-made fertilizer. 

And once everything you can give has been taken by the earth, 
maybe then
will someone pass by, 
stepping on your dirt-body,
and comment on the fruit coming in.

almost ripe for picking. 

By Didi Hoyt

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