Janet McNally Campus Visit

On October 19, 2018 author and poet Janet McNally visited North Central College’s campus. She visited one of our 400 level English classes to answer questions about her latest novel, The Looking Glass, and writing. In addition to this class visit, McNally also did a reading of her novel as well as some poetry. Afterwards she answered more questions and signed copies of her novel.

30 North was lucky enough to interview McNally. The interview will be posted soon, so keep your eye out!

30 North is Back in Session!

Our school year has begun and our first meeting has been had. Our Fall term staff is so excited to start reading submissions that were sent to us over the summer! We are also excited for all of the submissions we will be receiving until the end of our Winter Term (aka the end of February).

As always, our 2019 issue of 30 N will come out late may/early June, so if you submit to us within our open time period, expect to hear back at the very latest at the end of April (though it is likely that you will hear back from us much sooner than that).

If you have any questions or concerns, send us an email at 30north@noctrl.edu. And if your looking to submit, check out our submission page on this website that will give you a direct link to our submittable page.

We are officially on Summer Break

North Central College is officially on Summer Break, so that means 30 North is too! Submissions are currently open, so make sure to send us your best work! Our fantastic staff will read all of your submissions when our Fall term starts in September.

Also be aware that we will not be checking our email during this time because we are not in session.

Good luck with writing and week can’t wait to see your work. Have a great summer!

P.S. Be on the lookout for our interview with T. Clutch Fleischmann. We will be posting it within the next few weeks

Submissions reopened

Submissions for the 2019 issue of 30 North are now open! Please be aware though that as we are soon going on summer break, we will not be able to let you know any decisions until early September at the soonest.

Good luck and we can’t wait to read your work.

Time Travel with 30 North

In honor of the multiple redesigns 30 N has gone through this year (website and journal), we have decided to take you on a tour of our magazine’s past. We have taken pictures of every past issue that we are currently in possession of and can’t wait to show you all the changes we’ve gone through before.

Every copy

Pictured above is every issue we currently have in our possession, from 1982-2018, from The Cardinal to 30 North. Sadly we are missing issues from the years 1936-1981, 1983-1990, 1993-1994, and 2000.

The cardinal

From its creation in 1936 to 1994, 30 North was known as The Cardinal. They published works from all over the country, not exclusively undergraduates like we do today.

NC review 90s

In 1995, The Cardinal transitioned into The North Central Review. In the 90s, they were still figuring themselves out in terms of size and style. However, it can be agreed that all the covers were creative and eye-catching. Our personal favorite is the cover of the Fall 1998 issue.

NC review large

In 2001, the style of the The North Central Review changed and stayed consistent for a few years, until Spring 2004. At this time, The NC Review was still publishing work from those of all ages across the country.

NC Review Small

In Fall 2004, with a new school term started a new style of magazine. Not long after that in 2005, The NC review closed its pages to everyone who wasn’t an undergraduate at any 2 or 4 year institution. 2013 was the last issue of The North Central Review.

30 N

In 2014, a name change was in order and The North Central Review turned into 30 North. Our style stayed pretty consistent until this year, 2018. We decided to remodel the issue, making its size a little bigger and more tradition in terms of other literary reviews.


Pictured above is every size change of the journal that we have access to. We gone big and small and everywhere in between.

As a special treat, here is a picture of the first issue of The Cardinal that we have access to from 1982. Check out the pages!

We hope you enjoyed this little peek into our past.


Printing Mistake

We would like to announce that in this year’s issue of 30 North, there has been a printing mistake. Courtney Bennett’s piece, “Meeting Expectations,” has been printed twice, once in the wrong category. We would like to make it clear that this is a piece of nonfiction, not fiction. However, the version that appears in the fiction category displays the correct pronouns as the piece in the nonfiction category does not.

We would like to apologize to our readers and our contributors for this mistake.

Spring 2018 Underground

Our Underground Open Mic event last night was a success! We had great performances from singers and entire bands as well as hearing some great poetry and stories. We even had the opportunity to watch a short play.

Windy weather caused us to move from our outside location to an inside one, but that didn’t do anything to derail the fun. We had good food and a good time.

This will be our last underground for this school year, but make sure to look out next fall, NCC! And don’t forget to pick up an issue of 30 N! They are spread out all over campus so you are sure to be able to find them somewhere.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 12.44.33 PM

30 North’s 2018 issue has arrived!

It’s official! We have received the new, fresh, and exciting copies of 30 North’s 2018 Issue (check out pictures below). We will be distributing copies around campus and Naperville next week, so if you’re a NCC student, be on the look out.

For our awesome contributors of this years issue, if we don’t have your address already, be on the look out for an email about contributor copies as we will be mailing them to you soon. If we already have your address, please be be on the look out for your copies in the mail!

As always, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at 30north@noctrl.edu


Flash Poetry by 30 North


The staff at 30 North had two successful days of selling $1 flash poems for our 2018 fundraiser. The students were entertained by our clever words and our staff had the best time typing out our poems on an old fashioned typewriter. Check out some pictures from our even below.


On May 1, we set up shop in an on campus eatery called the Cage. Getting used to typing on the type writer took some work, but our brilliant staff figured it out.

On May 3, we moved outside. The weather was nice and the birds were singing so it was the perfect environment to write some poetry.

Thank you to everyone who came, staff and patrons alike. It was a fun and creative two days that was can’t wait to do again.

As a bonus, on May 3, we also were lucky enough to conduct an interview with author T. Clutch Fleischmann. Our interview with them will be posted on the website as soon as it is compiled and ready!