Spring 2018 Underground

Our Underground Open Mic event last night was a success! We had great performances from singers and entire bands as well as hearing some great poetry and stories. We even had the opportunity to watch a short play.

Windy weather caused us to move from our outside location to an inside one, but that didn’t do anything to derail the fun. We had good food and a good time.

This will be our last underground for this school year, but make sure to look out next fall, NCC! And don’t forget to pick up an issue of 30 N! They are spread out all over campus so you are sure to be able to find them somewhere.

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Winter 2016 Underground

Join us for the Underground, hosted by the staff of North Central’s literary journal, 30 North!

What is the Underground?

The Underground is an open-mic event that celebrates literature, art, music, and anything else that inspires you. Bring your creative work to share: whether it’s an original poem, story, song, artwork or other creative piece, it’s welcome at the Underground. Feel free to also bring a poem or story excerpt from a favorite author to read. Don’t feel like getting up in front of the mic yourself? No problem! Please come and listen! We’d love to have anyone who’s interested in creative work attend the Underground.

When and Where?

We’ll be in the Boiler House basement on Wednesday, February 10th from 7pm-9pm. See you there!

NCC Underground: Fall 2015

 We here at 30 North are pleased to announce the success of yet another Underground open mic night on October 7th. The night saw a variety of talents ━ music, poetry, comedy, spoken word, and even some good old fashioned storytelling. 

We had such a strong turnout that many students actually sat on the floor, and the audience showed their support after every performance with applause, laughter, and shouts of encouragement. 

 During intermission, audience members talked with those who had already performed and expressed their appreciation, while others gathered the courage to take the stage.

 Overall the night was filled with an energy that many of us will miss until the next Underground (coming this winter!). Many thanks to those of you who made it out, and we hope to see more of you next time!  

Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures from the Underground coming soon!