For the Man with the Face Mask on Incorrectly or Simply Not at All after John Hodgen

He’s supposed to cover the entire bottom half of his face, but for now he’s invincible. He’s Mr. Incredible. The world is his petri dish. He’s below the nose. He’s chin exposed. He’s Thanos wielding all of the infinity stones. He’s spring breaker. He’s risk taker. “My body / my choice” trail blazer. He’s all duck and no cover. A whale without blubber. Achilles ignoring his heel. He’s accessorizing. He’s science defying. He’s Icarus on his way to the sun. He’s Peter Parker without a doubt. He’s climbing up the water spout. He’s laissez-faire. He’s everywhere. An anti-vaxxer nightmare. He’s a cut with no Band-Aid. He’s doing it halfway. He’s the patriot that doesn’t even save himself. 

By Emma Yahr

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