NCC Underground: Fall 2015

 We here at 30 North are pleased to announce the success of yet another Underground open mic night on October 7th. The night saw a variety of talents ━ music, poetry, comedy, spoken word, and even some good old fashioned storytelling. 

We had such a strong turnout that many students actually sat on the floor, and the audience showed their support after every performance with applause, laughter, and shouts of encouragement. 

 During intermission, audience members talked with those who had already performed and expressed their appreciation, while others gathered the courage to take the stage.

 Overall the night was filled with an energy that many of us will miss until the next Underground (coming this winter!). Many thanks to those of you who made it out, and we hope to see more of you next time!  

Keep your eyes peeled for more pictures from the Underground coming soon!