The Movement Phenomenon

A place is not a place, it is a context. 
It is a guide.

I have switched too many trains without the knowledge of destination.
There’s a grid inside, pressed tracks
on the way to be retraced to a different route.

I change the context around my essence and see
how that changes my meaning.
Like the word “set”, I have acquired many definitions,
entries multiplying in the dictionary.
It is exhausting to be guided in different directions,
but I don’t even know who I am without them.

I wonder if there is a home for me,
the one I will agree with in addition to loving it,
the home I will choose to settle in,
like tea leaves to the bottom of the cup,
so that the place doesn’t choke as it drinks. 

I wonder if I’ll ever stop confusing the maps
I have been using, and choose one destination,
which will eventually become a place to return to
and to be guided by.

By Madina Tuhbatullina

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